printed visualization of text analysis of new media discourse over 10 years

This visualization, based on a norther lights (aurora borealis) theme is a representation of text analysis data from texts (websites, press releases, event programmes, etc.) at the Banff New Media Institute from 1995-2004. It shows the evolution of the key concepts in the new media discourse during that time period. The vertical columns are for a particular year, and the rows are for a particular word. The size of the word and the intensity of the northern lights glow behind the word relate to its frequency in the corpus of texts from that particular year. The town and mountains of Banff are pictured below.


This image will be published in the forthcoming book celebrating the 10 year history to date of the Banff New Media Insitute.


Designed in collaboration with researcher Maria Lantin and artist Matthew Sloly
Visualization Lab, Banff New Media Institute, 2005