concept for a travel photography archiving and presentation interface

trip_pics is an interface concept sketch for a travel photo map archiving and presentation software. Utilizing an intuitive interface geared for novice computer users, the concept takes advantage of visualization strategies such as relative quantity indicators and transparency. We developed a circular petalBrowser, inspired by the MacOS X dock, to visually navigate a folder of images. Another key feature is that the archive and presentation modes of the software are integrated into a single interface.


This project came about upon discussing our design methodology and vision with Prof. Ben Shneiderman from the Human-Computer-Interaction Lab (HCIL) at the University of Maryland. We were subsequently encouraged to experiment with some of the paradigms being researched at the HCIL. Discovering that the HCIL was working with Adobe to innovate visual and interaction concepts for Adobe Photoshop Album, we explored ideas to implement into future versions of Adobe software.


 flash demo 2.4Mb (download to your hard drive)

 pdf explanation of the interface concept 450kb


Designed in collaboration with designer Ulrich Schmidts for noesis studio
Lübeck, Germany 2004